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Eventi passati

Tra le numerose conferenze ed incontri organizzati dal Centro Studi Internazionali segnaliamo i seguenti:
6 July,  Meeting on “Territorial and socio-economic aspects of Line 1 of the Naples new subway”  (Free Faculty of Community Sciences Studies)

18 December,  Conference “From polis to megalopolis”  (Free Faculty of Community Sciences Studies)

14 April,  conference  “The economic outlook of the Baltic Countries in the new environment of Northern Europe   (C.S.I. Head office )
20/21 October,  National Conference on  “Regions and networks in the unified European  space” (Università di Firenze)
8 November, meeting on “Demographic trends and international relations at the turn of the twenty-first century ”  (Centro Studi Internazionali Head office)
 3 May, conference on “The training strategies in a global economic system” (Centro Studi Internazionali Head office)
 20 September, meeting on ”The  Military and Hospitaller Order of St. John from Acre and St. Thomas”  (C.S.I. Head office )
29 March,  conference  Lithuania Republic  in the new Nothern Europe socio-economic context,  (Napoli Town Hall conference hall)
7 June, meeting on “The Oresund region in the European scenario in change” (Centro Studi Internazionali Head office)
 1 June, meeting on  “Toward a new organization of development centers in Europe”  (Centro Studi Internazionali Head office)
10 November, meeting on “Organization and quality of training activities” (by CSI and ESIC -European Society for Image and Communication)
 13 February, meeting on “Denmark yesterday and today”   (Ass. Lucana “G. Fortunato”)
 7 May, meeting on “International relations and conflicts”  (State H.S. “M. Pagano”)     
4 June,  meeting  “Proposal for a European Charter of Fundamental Rights”  (by LIDU, CSI)

4 April, conference  “Naples metropolitan area in the Mediterranean contextby LIDU, CSI 
7 June,  meeting  Human Rights Day  (by LIDU at C.A.P.)

4 February, conference  “Woman condition in the Arabic-Islamic community” (with other intercultural associations)
26 February, conference  “Aspects of culture  and Islamic society”   (Villa Bruno, San Giorgio C.)
16 March, conference “Rights and freedom for women: Female Genital Mutilation in Burkina Faso  (by Zonta Club International)
28  March, meeting on “Iraq crisis and Mediterranean dialogue”  (by  Mare dei Popoli magazine)
30 September, conference live on Ischia television  “New technologies and intercultural dialogue”  

24 June, National Conference “Tibet: culture and human rights protection”  (Istituto Universitario Navale)

2 March, National conference, “Relevance of the Napoleonic tradition today” ( by G.O.N., CSI, at Brescia public hall)  

8 June,  conference “Pozzuoli and its surroundings”  (Napoli Town Hall, by CSI publishing sector)
13 June, National Forum“Global or local?”   (Istituto Italiano Studi Filosofici)

 20 April, Conference “The role of private research centers  (Gragnano Public Library)
 7 October, meeting “Mystery and Oriental cults in Pompei”   (Firenze, with Rotary Club)    
 4 June, conference “Campania Region and Mediterranean cooperation”, (Maritime Station)
 19 June, conference “Planning happiness and well-being: society and economics”- Ist  Conference, by ICOM, CSI, ESIC, CSLI 
16 June, Conference “Planning happiness and well-being: culture and religion”- IInd Conference   (by ICOM, CSI, ESIC, CSLI)

30 May, Conference “Planning happiness and well-being:  health  and State welfare”- IIIrd Conference  (by ICOM, CSI, ESIC, CSLI)

4 June, Conference “Planning happiness and well-being: sexuality and mind-body relations”-  IVth  Conference  (by ICOM, CSI, CSLI, ESIC)
14 March, Conference Brain research and human rights  (with LIDU, CSLIESIC)
4 June, Conference “Communication in emergencies”   (by CSI and Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro, ESIC and civil defence groups)

13 April, Conference “Prevenzione e tutela della salute nell’ambito della protezione civile”   (by CSI and Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro)

15 October, Conference “Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani: differenze di genere, norme sociali e diritti”   (by CSI and LIDU)
22 October, Conference “Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani: memoria, mass-media e manipolazioni”   (by CSI and LIDU)
29 October, Conference “Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani: è ancora attuale?”   (by CSI and LIDU)
10 December, Conference “Dichiarazione universale dei diritti umani: diritti e doveri, riflessioni antropoligiche e sociologiche”   (by CSI and LIDU)