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Centro Studi Internazionali is an indipendent think tank mainly composed by analysts, doctoral students and researchers in the field of international relations, geopolitics and social sciences. We promote research and analysis on political, economic and social issues by providing analysis tools to institutions, companies, policy-makers and citizens. More than 70% of the staff consists of young people under 35.

Founded in Naples in 1992, today has many collaborators from all over the world.

Art. 2 of the by-law has among the activities of the CSI "to promote and publish studies on the political, legal, economic and social problems of the international community [...], to provide, also by periodical publications, documentation and discussion of both public and private activities that take place in other nations with regard to economic problems [...], to organise conventions, courses, seminars, conferences and public discussions [...], to present to the competent bodies for international relations its own contribution of study and documentation [...]".“.


Our mission is focused on contribuire alla ricerca e alla conoscenza finalizzate al miglioramento della società fornendo strumenti di analisi a istituzioni, aziende, policy-makers e privati cittadini. For this purpose, we promote the creation of a free space for research, study and exchange of ideas to support increasing internationalisation of activities cooperating with national and international organisations, institutions, associations and scholars who share a similar vision. The improvement of society requires investment in the future through education, development and improvement of the living conditions of all, especially the youth. The respect of fundamental human rights is a basic tool through which to move forward in mutual respect and protection of people's lives and dignity.

Defending and disseminating culture and freedom of research, particularly scientific research, allows us to enjoy the accumulation of knowledge that has been stratified over the centuries. It is important to know the past but also to have the ability to analyse contemporary trends and make predictions for the future, including the likely outcomes of various international scenarios and the functioning of various interconnected systems.

Thus, studies and research are the main activities and objectives of the Centro Studi Internazionali. In addition to these, there are the publication and dissemination of analyses and reports on specific global topics; international cooperation and dialogue; collaborations with national and international organisations, academies, scholars; support for human rights; the creation of a documentation centre; the promotion of seminars, conferences, training courses; contributing, through cultural initiatives, to the improvement of the economic and living conditions of the world's population, with particular regard to children, young people and women; creating a free space for research and the exchange of ideas; and consulting. Last but not least, to formulate scenarios and forecasts of the social and international order to improve the livability of the planet and humanity.


Over the years, the CSI has collaborated with numerous national and international entities, institutions and organisations.